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International Exhibition Programme

CURRENT | ????: Contemporary Art from Scotland

CURRENT |????: Contemporary Art from Scotland
2015 – 2017

Organised by: Cooper Gallery DJCAD University of Dundee in partnership with the British Council

Curated by Cooper Gallery in collaboration with curators and art organisations in China and organised in partnership with the British CouncilCURRENT | ????: Contemporary Art from Scotland is a two-year four-phase contemporary art exhibition and forum programme, showcasing for the first time in China the distinctiveness of contemporary art made in Scotland, its grass-roots spirit and its keen debates with the social and political dimensions of art and culture.

Poster Club: Wheat, Mud, Machine
Edgar Schmitz: Surplus Cameo Decor: Sindanao 2 
28 June – 9 August 2015
Exhibition Preview: 27 June 2015

Shanghai Forum Series #1 
Speakers: Simon Groom, Terry Smith, Wang Nanming and What, How & for Whom/WHW
27 June 2015


Poster Club
Anne-Marie Copestake
Frances Davis (Cooper Gallery Group Critical Writing)
28 June – 31 July 2015


Phase 1 of CURRENT: Contemporary Art from Scotland

Photos from the launch of CURRENT: Contemporary Art from Scotland at Shanghai Himalayas Museum on 27 June. 

Read the CURRENT newsletter from 22 July here. On 29 July Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visited the CURRENT exhibitions and saw performances by Artist in Residence Anne-Marie Copestake and Writer in Residence Frances Davis at Shanghai Himalayas Museum. See photos from the visit here


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The present is the only moment that ever matters.

Under this apparent simplicity, the past and the future are rescinded and in their wake only this perpetually cogent moment is perceived and acknowledged. 

Playing off its Chinese title ???? (Untimely) and drawing upon Roland Barthes succinct aphorism “The contemporary is the untimely”, CURRENT questions the political, social and economic discourses that contest this present moment and its apparition as culture. 

Immersed in the excessive flow of money, goods and people that constitute the inflating transnational bubble, the ‘contemporary’ revokes the multiplicity of history in favour of a single all encompassing image; now. With this grandiose claim that only this moment is essential, the ‘contemporary’ acts as the crucial fiction for indexing how culture is valued, exchanged and consumed. And it is this fiction that privileges the ‘contemporary’ as the only ground capable of legitimising the broad spectrum of theoretical positions and critical observations determining what is relevant and of course, valuable.

In navigating the flux of the transnational, the ‘contemporary’ offers an affective register for defining a fiction of unity. This is also inscribed in the transnational perception of Chinese contemporary art. After exploding onto the international scene, Chinese contemporary art transmogrified from a plurality of practices into an identifiable ‘aesthetic regime’ by the use of ‘contemporary’ as its stabilising prefix. Through showing contemporary artworks from Scotland in China, CURRENT brings this fictive function of the contemporary into sharp relief.

To provoke a sustained critique on the ‘contemporary’, CURRENT holds these two images of the ‘contemporary’ in proximity, revealing in the words of Barthes, an ‘untimely’ and displaced temporality. Un-anchored from their social and cultural context, these two iterations of the ‘contemporary’ are remediated under the hypothetical universality of the transnational. In this geographical and discursive move, CURRENT challenges how the ‘contemporary’ functions and ascribes legitimacy.

Showcasing artworks by artists of different generations, CURRENT emphasises the complexity of practices thriving in Scotland. Defined by originality and risk-taking this complexity resists, subverts and transforms how art and culture are stereotypically seen, valued and understood on the international stage. 

Including solo exhibitions by Bruce McLean, Poster Club (Anne-Marie Copestake, Charlie Hammond, Tom O'Sullivan, Nicolas Party, Ciara Phillips and Michael Stumpf), Edgar Schmitz, Ross Sinclair, Lucy Skaer and Corin Sworn, CURRENT also presents seminal British Artists’ Video works of the 1970s & 1980s from the REWIND research project at DJCAD and a moving image screening programme of emerging artists’ works from Scotland.

The two opening exhibitions exemplify the curatorial ethos of CURRENT. Surplus Cameo Decor: Sindanao 2 by Edgar Schmitz is a discursive process of artistic and critical dialogue, whilst Wheat, Mud, Machine illuminates the experimental and collaborative spirit of Poster Club which embodies the plurality and complexity of contemporary cultural practice. 


*  *  *

Hubs and Fictions: On Current Art and Imported Nearness
Shanghai Forum Series #1: Settings – Nearness as A Utopian Proposition

Located at a critical intersection of European and Chinese perspectives, the CURRENT exhibition programme will be refracted through the Hubs and Fictions Shanghai Forum Series: On Current Art and Imported Nearness. This series of international fora investigate how the material manifestations of the ‘global transnational’ are irretrievably intertwined with its own fictions of ‘the contemporary’, and explores which cultural and political realities determine how today’s multiple contemporaneities are instituted and disseminated.

Key international curators, institutional directors, theorists as well as the artists featured in the CURRENT exhibitions, will borrow from the inventory of filmic productions in order to address geopolitical locations as ‘settings’, narrative strategies as ‘plots’, protagonists as ‘characters’ and finally formal and aesthetic languages as ‘figures of speech’ that resonate with and intervene in the cultural and political realities they operate within. 

Hubs and Fictions Shanghai Forum Series #1: Settings – Nearness as A Utopian Proposition will examine the promise of institutionality and discuss the limitations of contemporary art infrastructures, with contributions by Simon Groom, Terry Smith, Wang Nanming and What, How & for Whom/WHW.

Hubs and Fictions: On Current Art and Imported Nearness is co-curated by Sophia Hao and Edgar Schmitz.


Hubs and Fictions: On Current Art and Imported Nearness Shanghai Forum Series #1

Photos from the inaugural Hubs & Fictions: On Current Art and Imported Nearness Shanghai Forum Series #1 on Saturday 27 June. 


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CURRENT has featured in major national and international press in the UK and China. 

In the Scotland on Sunday Spectrum supplement on Sunday 5 July, Susan Mansfield previewed the CURRENT project which included interviews with Anne-Marie Copestake, Ross Sinclair and curator Sophia Hao. Read the article here


The Herald featured CURRENT on page 3 on Thursday 25 June which included an image of CURRENT curators Wang Nanming and Sophia Hao. Read the article here


The Herald also mentioned CURRENT on 29 July on page 6 in a piece on Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's visit to China. 

The project has also made a big impact in the media in Shanghai where we received coverage in the Global TimesChina Art MonthlyArtnet as well as numerous online publications. 


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More information about the artists:

CURRENT| ???? Phase #1

Poster Club is a group of artists who collaborate on designing and printing posters.  Using the poster format as an open-ended starting point for their projects, Poster Club's primary interest is in using the medium of print as a site for experimental collaborative practice.

Poster Club's ideals are succinct yet open.

1. Make posters

2. Collaborate

They approach the idea of what a 'poster' is, and can be, by creating works that announce their own presence without informing us as to what they might mean.  Instead of 'objective' information, their posters offer elusive statements, open-ended questions and humorous conjunctions. 

Poster Club are Anne-Marie Copestake, Charlie Hammond, Tom O'Sullivan, Nicolas Party, Ciara Phillips and Michael StumpfPoster Club have exhibited at: Martha Street Studio, Winnipeg (2014), Dundee Contemporary Arts (2013), Platform, Glasgow (2013), The Duchy, Glasgow (2013), Glasgow Print Studio (2011) and Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2011).


Poster Club: Wheat, Mud, Machine

All photos courtesy Shanghai Himalayasy Museum, Poster Club and Cooper Gallery DJCAD.


Edgar Schmitz is an artist who is interested in the relationships between contemporary art and cinematic productions. He uses images, storylines as well as soundtracks from films in order to produce installations in art gallery spaces that are over-saturated with the promises of the multiple invoked elsewhere. His works operate as backdrops which turn the gallery into a film set for movies always yet to be made, and investigate how to best withdraw from the here and now of the present.

Recent exhibitions include Surplus Cameo Decor, Cooper Gallery, (2012), British Art Show 7 – In The Days of the Comet, Hayward Gallery and touring (2010/11), extra added bonus material, FormContent (2010), Dictionary of War, Steirischer Herbst Graz (2006); A-C-A-D-E-M-Y, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven (2006); and Liam Gillick: ‘Edgar Schmitz’, ICA London (2005). Schmitz is the co-director of A Conversation in Many Parts, an international discursive platform for contemporary art and concepts, and a lecturer in Critical Studies at Goldsmiths.


Edgar Schmitz: Surplus Cameo Decor: Sindanao 2

Photos courtesy of Shanghai Himalayas, Museum, Edgar Schmitz and Cooper Gallery DJCAD. 


Discover more about the history and development of CURRENT |????: Contemporary Art from Scotland on the Cooper Gallery Notes blog in the Distant Readings of Shanghai post with contributions from Edgar Schmitz, Lucy Skaer, Ross Sinclair and Anna Ridley from the REWIND project.


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CURRENT |????: Contemporary Art from Scotland is a collaboration between Shanghai Himalayas Museum and Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee and organised in partnership with the British Council. 

CURRENT |????: Contemporary Art from Scotland is kindly supported by the British Council, British Council China, China-UK Connections through Culture, The National Lottery through Creative Scotland, Scottish Government and Goldsmiths College, University of LondonCURRENT |???? is a direct result of the Research and Development Trip (January 2014) funded by Creative Scotland.

CURRENT |????: Contemporary Art from Scotland is an Official 2015 UK-China Year of Culture Exchange Event. 


Lead image credit: Poster Club, CURRENT, 2015. Courtesy of Poster Club. 




Poster Club have been kindly supported in the production of their work for CURRENT |????: Contemporary Art from Scotland by Glasgow Print Studio



CURRENT |????: Contemporary Art from Scotland

HUBS & FICTIONS: On Current Art and Imported Nearness Shanghai Forum Series #1



Poster Club Shanghai Main