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Student Projects


Student Curatorial Team

'Post Your Question' is a project that explores the nature of connection, expression, and curiosity. Each member of our group sends their own ‘mail-art’ in the form of a postcard, as well as a question on a scrap of paper to the next participant in our list of addresses. When the recipient gets their question, they add their own answer, and in turn their own flair, to the blank back of the postcard, before scanning it to be carefully curated into an e-book of anonymous answers. The fact that the audience is not privy to the initial questions adds to the strange wrong-ness of poring over someone else’s mail, knowing it is not right but still being enthralled, reading what seems to be a one-sided conversation.  

This whole process is carefully documented on Instagram to ensure that steps of the process are not lost, while still allowing the works to evolve. This results in an end product that has been moulded by many hands and encounters, into a final, experience-weathered work.  

These fragile connections woven between people who are practically strangers, constructed of card and stamps, are a testament to how art can allow for people to learn from and appreciate one another even in the most isolating times. 

Visit our Instagram Page to find out how to get involved: