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Student Curatorial Team



Exhibition: Thursday 25 February, 6.oo - 8.oopm

Cooper Gallery Project Space


The Exhibitions DJCAD Student Curatorial Team present PROJECTile: 

PROJECTile is a collaborative workspace fuelled by the ethos of open-source and a passion for digital art and realized through our collective learning of Projection Mapping. The idea beyond the happening, came from what we recognise to be a desire to make and experience digital art in Dundee and within Scotland. 

The exhibition is the outcome of a 2-day WorkRoom in which we collectively learnt projection mapping through experimentation, discovering new open-source software and sharing of ideas.

Inviting people from across Dundee, PROJECTile transformed the Cooper Gallery Project Space into a space for experimentation and the sharing of ideas. Together we discovered the world of projection mapping and created moving-image works.

PROJECTile, we hope will be the kindling for future sparks of open sharing and happenings in Dundee.

Read more about PROJECTile on the Cooper Gallery Notes Blog... 

The PROJECTile exhibition includes works by Naya Magaliou-Soulein; Adam Rapley and Anna Hedstrom; Caitlin Bowbeer; Ilona Gatherer and a live music set by Callum Mackie, Jamie Watt and Kieran Milne, Visuals by Sophie Suominen and Lily Hassioti.


PROJECTile WorkRoom participants include:

Scott Smith (Postgraduate Research, DJCAD);
Tina Scopa (Fine Art DJCAD);
Paige Barrett (Animation DJCAD);
Anna Hedstrom(Fine Art DJCAD, Exchange from Australia);
Adam Rapley (Ethical Hacking, Abertay);
Ilona Gatherer (Visual Communications, Abertay);
Naya Magaliou-Soulein (Fine Art, DJCAD);
Caitlin Bowbeer (Illustration, DJCAD);
Ally Kay( Fine Art, DJCAD) and
Genni Meikleham (Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practice, DJCAD).




PROJECTile is a student curatorial project from DJCAD, led by Sophie Suominen, Lily Hassioti, Ally Kay and Genni Meikleham.