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Relics of Attachment Part I - Student Curatorial Team

Relics of Attachment is a two-part exhibition project which explores ideas of nostalgia. 

The project started with Relics of Attachment Part I which was a small exhibition in Matthew Cabinet, DJCAD, which presented the work of the small group of students who initiated the project. This first phase was meant as an introduction to the project ideas and as a talking point to get people involved in the second phase.

Preview: Thursday 31 January 4.30-6pm

Recess Cabinet, Level 5, Matthew Building, DJCAD, Refreshments Provided. 

Relics of Attachment Part I is a small exhibition to introduce the idea of 'Relics of Attachment'. The nostalgic feelings we all have to personal objects and remnants. The exhibition includes a collection of items and their sentimental connection to the artists. This event will be followed by a meeting on Friday 1 February to provide information for other artists to get involved in a larger follow-up exhibition.

Meeting to GET INVOLVED: Friday 1 February 1pm

Green Seats, Level 5, Matthew Building, DJCAD 

Submissions due 10 February for Relics of Attachment Part II  


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This is an Exhibitions at DJCAD Student Curatorial Team Project

The Matthew Cabinet is at the rear of the Matthew Building, DJCAD. It is on Level 5 very close to the rear door and the sculpture workshops.