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Portraits for the Future

Portraits for the Future Exposition

30 January – 17 February 2012

Portraits for the Future is an exposition of work from the inaugural V&A at Dundee Masterclass, held at the McManus galleries, Dundee, 23-25 November 2011.  

An exposition is an unveiling of the process behind the act of creativity; an account of the journey undertaken to create a piece of work, irrespective of its form i.e. be it (for example) art, craft or design, and irrespective of its nature i.e. history, theory or practice.

In this exposition we communicate the visual journey associated with creating Portraits for the Future, an artwork and, Portraits for the Future, a Masterclass activity.

In exposing Portraits for the Future as an artwork, we seek to share the critical stages in the creative process, starting with a blank space and progressing to a ‘sculpture’ ready for photographing.

In exposing Portraits for the Future as a Masterclass activity, we seek to communicate the dynamic process and experience, capturing the conversations, coaching and learning activities from the start of day one to the end of day three.

This information is offered as a way of developing audience understanding of the V&A at Dundee and its pre-opening programme.

This Masterclass was led by internationally renowned artist Professor Calum Colvin.


Bradshaw Art Space is located close to DJCAD Reception in the Crawford Building.