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interAction(s) draw-ing words - Student Curatorial Team

interAction(s) is a series of exhibitions curated by Lada Wilson, MFA student and member of the Student Curatorial Team.

During October and November 2013 interAction(s) draw-ing words will illuminate the Matthew Cabinet through a durational project that responds to the particular way words are used in discussing art.

Some call this language a ‘meta-language’ and Lada Wilson invites artists from the MFA Art, Society & Publics to reflect on this meta-language using words, text and drawings. Their process will be presented on a set of blackboards within the Matthew Cabinet and will change throughout the exhibition as the artists respond to oneanother. 


Drawing words is a word play; drawing stands for “making a picture of by drawing lines” but also for draw-ing as “to take at random from a number of words/small blackboards to write on”


To see previous interAction(s) exhibitions please visit:


This is a Student Curatorial Team Project.

Matthew Cabinet is located at the back of the Matthew Building, DJCAD on Level 5, beside the lifts.

For public access please visit Matthew Building Reception to sign in.