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Sound Commission


A space in-between #3: Hear, Here

A space in-between #3
Hear, Here
26 June – 11 September 2020

An online commission of sound works accompanied by texts or images by
Anne Bean & Nicol Parkinson, Anne-Marie Copestake, Tina Krekels, Georgina Starr and Viola Yeşiltaç. To read, stream, and view the new commissions please visit our A space in-between website.


In the cacophony of this ongoing moment, this space in-between, there are sounds, indeed voices who take imagination as an insurrectionary act. In their utterance the ‘prose of the world’* is turned inside out. 

Wading into rivers, feet clicking on pavements, looking out the window, alone in dark rooms, and ignoring the loudspeakers, each and every sound in here is a clamour, drawing attention to the vivid immediacy of where we are, with each other and with the world in all its concrete particularity.  

Broadening our ears to the possibilities of the realities waiting buried under every word, Georgina Starr elucidates a ‘here’ dazzled with ambiguities rooted in magical formulae, dreams, curses and poetry. Harking to an otherness, stubborn and resistant to what we take for granted, Starr’s ‘here’ calls to a different wakefulness.

Travelling as an observer and displaced by errant mother tongues, the ‘here’ of Viola Yeşiltaç, spontaneous and in the moment, strains the limits of what we hear between the borders. In her ‘here’, with adroit attention to detail, a vaster world takes shape, ephemeral and fleeting, it gives notice on what was normal, on what was contained.

Caught between loudspeakers Tina Krekels clears out a ‘here’ among the noise of rhetorical voices. Interspersed with sound bites, Krekels’ ‘here’ dispenses with populist remedies and solutions, instead she opens an audible space where the politics of this moment are heard in their true register, an unpersuasive din.

Taking wind and river as voice, Anne Bean and her collaborator Nicol Parkinson alight onto the shore of a ‘here’ where imagination rises and teases us with the possibilities of revolutionary acts. In the depths of this disquiet, besieged by what is barely heard, this ‘here’ of time and tide captures both the urgency of this moment and the sure knowledge that it too, will ebb.

Paused before a window, ‘here’ for Anne-Marie Copestake is a subtle mediation on attentiveness, a moment in which to witness, to care and above all to feel for the innumerable solitudes like us, which seek refuge and respite in a vision of the world waiting beyond. Subliminal, almost unnoticed, the world from ‘here’ is caught, held still and recognised in its absolutely presence.

Each of us has these voices, they speak as us . . . and we hear ourselves through them.

So turn down the media, step up to a window, lie down on a sofa, walk to the water then take to the streets and listen to what we have yet to hear. . .  It is ‘here,’ hear it.

*The Prose of the World (1973) is a book by Maurice Merleau-Ponty, unfinished at the time of his death in 1961. The book was intended to
be a theory of truth. 


Artists' Biographies

During 2020, Anne Bean and Nicol Parkinson have been developing ideas towards collaborative work. The ‘between’ space they particularly share and dissect is the art/sound one, regarding it as more porous and interwoven than is acknowledged.

In a recently launched monograph on her work, Self Etc., the writer Dominic Johnson says: Anne Bean is a noted international figure who has been working actively since the 1960s. The art of Anne Bean makes strange our sense of time, memory, language, the body, and identity, particularly through solo and collaborative performances along a vital continuum between art and life.

Nicol Parkinson is exploring the spaces between improvisation and composition, action and document, performance and music. They’re slowly building a vocabulary of material, both visible and obscured, embracing flexibility of form and an attempt to avoid definition.

Anne-Marie Copestake works with moving images, sound, text, print and sculpture, with moving images at the core of her practice. In 2019 Anne-Marie worked with the team at Cooper Gallery on a solo exhibition and programme of events. The exhibition and events proposed a communicative, collaborative and egalitarian engagement with others, a mediation on the politics of the unsung and the tangible passion of collectivity in the everyday, drawing attention to the social and political fabric of language and how a lone voice immediately calls another to recognise its presence.

Tina Krekels is a Berlin based musician, who makes sounds on the saxophone, where she uses her voice and electronics to alter the instrument. Her compositions mostly engage with current politics by using text or voice to confront the masculine and military world we have to face. She holds a PhD in Creative Practice from the University of Edinburgh.

Georgina Starr lives and works in London. She originally studied ceramics and sculpture at the Slade School of Art, London and Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam, and went on to develop a focus on large-scale installations incorporating video, sound and performance. Her works are known for their complex and fragile emotional narratives, in which she explores female identity, history and fiction to create multi-layered theatrical events and installations. Starr’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally including Frac Franche Comté, Frieze Projects, Glasgow International, Kunsthalle Zurich, Kunsthalle Vienna, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, MOMA New York, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, Palazzo Reale Milano, Tate, and The Venice Biennale. In 2013 Cooper Gallery commissioned Starr’s solo exhibition Before Le Cerveau Affamé. and Starr’s work was also featured in Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event? Chapter One & Chapter Two at Cooper Gallery, 2016-2017. Her most recent film Quarantaine (2020) was due to premiere at Glasgow International 2020 before travelling to Leeds Art Gallery (18 June – 13 September 2020), both now postponed until 2021.

Viola Yeşiltaç is a German / Turkish artist who lives and works between New York and Cologne. Her practice considers a range of socio-cultural issues, such as migration, through the lens of her personal history. She reflects intensively on the idiosyncrasies of places in her conceptually driven works, which she does in a diverse range of media. Yeşiltaç’s recent solo exhibitions include those at Malraux’s Place NYC, Fondazione Brodbeck Catania Italy and David Lewis Gallery NYC. Her work has also been included in group exhibitions at Levy Gorvy, New York, Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, The Kitchen, New York and the 30th São Paulo International Biennial.


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