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a[l]ready made(s) - Student Curatorial Team


a[l]ready made(s) is an exhibition in the Matthew Cabinet Gallery that coincides with the DJCAD Degree Show 16 – 25 May 2014.


In a playful way the exhibition celebrates not only the achievements of final year students and the Degree Show but also the achievements of second and third-year students whose work is showcased.

For this occasion Lada Wilson, member of Student Curatorial Team, selected an array of artworks for their humour and ambiguity, curated them to form the exhibition and gave it the title a[l]ready made(s) — an oblique homage to Marcel Duchamp who a hundred years ago, in 1914, created one of his first readymades – Porte-bouteilles or Bottle Dryer (also called Hérisson or Hedgehog).

The selected works were “already made” — they were created by students in their second and third year and were never intended to be artworks in an exhibition in this way.

As an artist–curator, Lada Wilson tried to follow Duchamp’s notion that “it was the idea that came first, not the visual example”. In this exhibition the artworks first came together and then became another objet d’art celebrating a flow of artistic creativity and new beginnings. 

Participating artists are: Morgan Atkinson, Janet Cameron, Rebecca Gallacher, Gráinne Mortimer, Fiona Powell, Struan Teague and Eilidh Wilson.


The Matthew Cabinet Gallery is located at the back of the Matthew Building on Level 5, close to the Lifts.