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A Strike Class: The Clock Stops

A Strike Class: The Clock Stops
Thu 25 March 6–7.30pm

An in-conversation event with ex-Timex activists Mary McGregor and Charlie Malone on the Timex Strike in Dundee, facilitated by artist and activist Stella Rooney, exploring education on the picket line and the capitalist construction of time. Introduced with a film by Rooney, shot at the location of the Camperdown Timex factory, this discursive event will draw on local histories and ongoing activism in Dundee, reimagining the location and hierarchies of traditional educational structures.

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This event forms part of The Ignorant Art SchoolSit-in Curriculum #1


Facilitator Biography:

Stella Rooney is an artist, film-maker and trade unionist who investigates labour from the perspective of both past and present. As a recent graduate from DJCAD's Art and Philosophy programme, her final year project focused on the legacy of Timex factories and the effects of deindustrialisation on the city of Dundee. Stella is also an activist campaigning against precarious work and was part of organising a fourteen-day occupation of the university Principal's office while a student.

Contributors’ Biographies:

Mary McGregor is a retired English and Guidance teacher and has been a lifelong political activist, including organising with the Timex Support Group

Charlie Malone was a former Timex worker and trade union activist during the 1993 dispute. He was the chair of the strike committee.


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Funding support:

The Ignorant Art School at Cooper Gallery, DJCAD is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland and the Henry Moore Foundation. 

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