We are actively involved in on-going research across science and engineering. Our research clusters work together to collaborate and challenge boundaries.


People learning at a computer

Argument technology

There are many theoretical and practical aspects of argumentation. Our research spans the original philosophy through linguistics, cognitive science and AI applied to software engineering.


Computer vision and image processing

Images, videos and associated media hold vital information. Our focus is on the extraction of this data using algorithms and software and machine learning.

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Discrete mathematics

Our research focus is in graph theory and combinatorics. This includes the algorithmic and computational complexity of graph and combinatorial problems.


Human-centred computing

Accessibility, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, social inclusion, and User Experience. We work with socially disadvantaged, older users, and those with disabilities.

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A spaceman on campus

Space technology

Research in data handling on board spacecraft, planetary lander technology and satellite data reception. We also conduct research on system on chip and software development tools.