It's often useful for parents to get an idea of what their child's first full day will look like. Here's an example of the pre-arrival letter we sent to 'Amelia' before she started at University of Dundee Nursery.  As you can see it was full of fun, games and learning with reassurance and help always close by.

Hello Amelia,

LeanneWelcome to the University of Dundee Nursery! You will be starting nursery on Monday 29 September in DUSA and will be in the Blue Group. Leanne Swadel will be your Key Person, here is a picture of Leanne.

Other staff who will be looking after you in DUSA are, Gosia Mazanka, Jackie Chalmers, Lena Millar, Amy Sloan, Lucy Stewart and Melissa Ross. You can ask any of the staff for help at any time. 

The Staff looking after children in the 3 – 5 in Airlie Place are, John McKane, Vicky Farrell, Jill Smith and Carole Holmes.

The staff looking after the children in the 2 – 3 room are Robyn Bonar, Katie Dodds, Laura Bell and Pauline Millar.

The staff looking after the children in the baby room are, Katherine Semple, Catherine Johnston, Victoria Brown, Emma Hally and Natalie Connor.

When you start nursery you will have a special peg with your name on it in the cloakroom. When you arrive each day you will be able to hang your coat and bag on the peg and change into your indoor shoes. 

When you come into the nursery each time you will have a choice of toys to play with usually in both the big room and the quiet room. In the quiet room it can get quite noisy with the computer and musical instruments! 

If you need any help you can speak to any of the ladies. 

In the mornings you will be offered snack between 9.15 and 10.15, then in the afternoon again between 2.30 and 3.30. A home cooked lunch will be served between 11.30 and 12.00 depending on which room you are in.

The ladies will observe you during your play and take notes to complete your online learning journal with your parents / carers will have free access to at any time of the day or night. They can make comments on your progress or write on the journal to let us know what you have been doing outside of nursery.

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