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Come and walk the Labyrinth - a place of quietness and peace.  Whether you are new to it or a regular visitor, the Labyrinth is great for meditation and prayer as it brings calmness and healing to our busy lives.  Due to the quiet meditative pace of labyrinth walks, the events are for adults only. 

History of the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth in the Chapel is of the pattern called the Chartres Labyrinth, from the 13th Century example in Chartres Cathedral, France. It is a complex series of circular pathways embossed with a four-axis cross motif.  This pattern arose in modified formats in several French Gothic cathedrals, but the Chartres pattern is commonly held to be the most beautiful and aesthetically 'pure'.


What will my Labyrinth Walk be like?

You will be walking to gentle music, in candlelight, in your socks or barefoot (we ask people to remove their shoes, to protect the canvas of the Labyrinth).  There's no right or wrong speed for walking the Labyrinth; you'll go at the speed that feels right to you, and at the centre, there are cushions to sit and take in the calmness that many report feeling there.  (There is also a proper chair, for anybody who'd find getting to the floor difficult.)  It usually takes about 30 minutes to walk the Labyrinth, so please ensure you leave plenty of time for your walk.


2019 Labyrinth Walks, 7pm-9pm - last walk 8.30 pm

Wed 16 Jan

Wed 20 Feb

Wed 20 Mar 

Wed 17 Apr 
Wed 15 May
Wed 19 Jun

Wed 17 Jul
Wed 21 Aug
Wed 18 Sep 

Wed 16 Oct
Wed 20 Nov
Wed 18 Dec

Further Information


Labyrinth walks are free, and offered between 7 pm and 9 pm. Always check the website beforehand. For further information, please contact Thorn