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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes

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Guide to Religions

Welcome to a new guide to the major religions of the world, created in the main by representatives of their respective faiths in order to explain briefly the key features of their religious beliefs and practices.

This project has been undertaken in order to foster greater understanding between races, cultures and faiths, and to encourage spiritual development and exploration of beliefs other than those we were each brought up in. The summaries are not detailed and clearly there are many sub-groups in each major religious group with historical and doctrinal differences. But we hope the content of this site will give a flavour of the diversity and the commonality of religious belief.

Links to other websites have been added in order to permit more in-depth study if you are interested. In including these, the University does not in any way recommend, support or take responsibility for the ever changing material that may be found.