3rd Annual Dundee Energy Forum

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International energy is in transition: drivers for that include the 2015 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demands for cleaner air, cleaner transport, and new technologies. But why is it happening so slowly? Is it ever going to happen? A condition for future success is enhanced international cooperation among states, investors and communities, yet the climate for this is challenging. National control over energy policy and priorities have never been more evident than today, which will impact on the deliverable outcomes of institutionalised cooperation.

The Third Dundee Energy Forum, 10th and 11th June 2019, will address key questions arising from this antinomy.

What are the incentives to cooperate in this dynamic setting and what can international organisations do to govern, encourage or shape this cooperation?

How can it be financed/funded?

What are the consequences of energy transitions for international development and transnational energy markets? And how can this intention be translated into well-coordinated effective policies on the full range of low-carbon technologies under the universal climate action.

The Forum seeks to achieve three objectives: moving from intentions and ideas into the practice of a cooperative transition; a discourse of the institutional side of the energy transition, among and between international organisations, governments, and the corporate sector; and stimulating innovative thinking on governance and pathways of a global energy transition.

The Forum reflects these objectives through its thematic panels. The panels are designed to bring together representatives from international and national organisations that provide strategic governance of the international energy system, the corporate sector, and leadings academics. The moderated panels are designed to foster interactive exchanges between the panellist and the Forum’s participants. Panellists will be asked to give an initial presentation of their views, supported by papers.

The Forum will include a Reception at the new Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, by the River Tay on Monday night, 10th June.

The Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) has been providing international leadership in energy research and postgraduate specialised education for more than 40 years whose graduates hold key positions in the public and private sector word-wide. The Centre works closely with stakeholders in international organisations, governments, industry and legal practice.

This Dundee Energy Forum is the annual flagship event of the Centre. Now in its third instalment, the Forum analyses trajectories of policy, law and economics of global energy. It aims to be the platform for debate between diverse viewpoints on these trajectories.

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Sponsored by Clarksons Platou and Wood Mackenzie Ltd

Tickets: £50.00