We offer you the choice of over 40 modules, to give a flexible approach to your learning. Our course pages give you a detailed look at the modules you can choose in your preferred area of study.

Specialist LLM (Master of Laws)

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Our specialist courses offer an education in regulatory framework, general and specific transactions and basic business skills. These are combined with a specialised orientation, provided by our wide range of electives. This flexibility allows you to pursue specific areas of interest, whilst being provided with a theoretical underpinning through the core regulatory framework and international business law components of the LLM.

Natural resource-focused business and management

Our business and management degrees give you an insight into the relationships between the public and private sectors and the community at international and national levels. We offer a wide range of modules contextualised for the energy and natural resources. This allows you to pursue a specific area of interest, while developing your skills and professional competence.

Specialist courses in International Energy Studies MSc

These courses give you a global understanding of the energy sector and its challenges from an economic perspective. They are enriched and supplemented by inputs from other fields such as law, finance and management. They are appropriate for economists and non-economists who want to develop analytical, problem solving and evaluation skills to analyse world issues facing the energy sector.

Sustainability MSc

Sustainability has emerged as one of the defining issues of the 21st century. Achieving enduring and fairer societies requires viable economies, sound science and good governance. This course provides training in theory and critical analysis along with the practical skills to facilitate the transformations needed to deliver secure low carbon futures.