Paul J Stevens

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Emeritus Professor


Professor Paul Stevens retired from the Centre in January 2008 and was appointed to an Emeritus Chair. He has now joined on a part time basis Chatham House (The Royal Institute for International affairs) in London as Senior Research Fellow (Energy). His role is to take over the energy part of the Energy, Environment and Development Programme.

Prior to his retirement he held the position of Professor of Petroleum Policy at the CEPMLP, a chair created by BP and had been at the Centre since 1993. He was the tutor responsible for the MSc course in Energy Studies at the Centre. He was educated as an economist and as a specialist on the Middle East at Cambridge and the School of Oriental and African Studies. Between 1979- 93 he taught at the American University of Beirut interspersed with two years as an oil consultant. Between 1979-93 he was at the University of Surrey where he was a founder member of the Surrey Energy Economics Centre and joint creator of the Third World Energy Policy Studies Group. Professor Stevens has worked as a consultant for many companies and governments including work as an expert witness in the US-Iranian Claims Tribunal at the International Court in The Hague (1984-1992).

At the Centre, Professor Stevens taught courses in Petroleum policy and economics, International Developments in Energy Policy, Energy Economics: The Tools and Energy Economics: The Issues. His research interests are the determination of oil prices, transit pipelines, forecasting energy demand in developing countries, the structure of the international oil industry and privatization and deregulation in the energy sector in developing countries. He has also researched extensively on “resource curse” issues and national oil companies.

Recent Activities

1996 - present Advisory Board to the BP History Project

1997 - present Editorial Board of The Journal of Energy & Development

1999 - 2000 Council of the International Association of Energy Economists

2000 - Present Council of the British Institute of Energy Economists

2001 - Present Presentation of evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union. “Energy Supply: How Secure Are We?”

2001 – 2005 Paper Committees – IAEE International Conferences

2000 - present Advisory Board to the Emirates Occasional Papers, The Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies & Research

2004 – Present Joint organiser of the “Good Governance of the National Petroleum Sector” project. A joint project between CEPMLP and Chatham House

2005 Peer Reviewer for the Norwegian Government’s programme on developing academic Centres of Excellence

2005 – Present Editorial Board of the International Journal of Energy Management and Planning. Published by the Research Institute of Energy Management and Planning, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran.

2006 – Present Associate at the Oxford Policy Institute

2006 – Present Member of the study team on Stanford University’s project on National Oil Companies

2006 – Joint organiser and seminar convener of the OPI-ESRC Seminar Series on Adding Public Value: the Limits of Corporate Responsibility. Funded by the ESRC.

2006 – Present Senior research advisor. Oxford Institute of Energy Studies

2007 – Present Joint organiser of the “Resource Depletion, Dependence and Development:” project. A Chatham House project funded among other by the Asian Development Bank.