Jonathan Stern

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Honorary Professor


In 2003, Professor Jonathan Stern was appointed Director of Gas Research at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies and Honorary Professor at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Mineral Law & Policy, University of Dundee. Since 1992 he has been Associate Fellow of the Institute's Energy Environment and Development (formerly Energy and Environment) Programme; and since 2001 Honorary Principal Research Fellow in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology at Imperial College in London.

From 1985-92, he was Head of the Energy and Environmental Programme, based at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London. From October 1990 to September 1991, he was Director of Studies at the Institute.

Prof Stern has been a member of the Council of the British Institute of Energy Economics since 2000 and Chaired the Council in 2004. He was chair of the Conference Committee of the Institute's past two academic energy conferences in 2003 and 2005, the latter held in association with UKERC.

Over the past two decades, Jonathan has become an internationally known speaker and author on:

  • Natural gas issues in Europe, the former Soviet Union and a very wide range of countries around the world.
  • Regulation of gas and electricity utilities and utility strategy in liberalising markets.
  • Energy and climate change issues in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
  • He worked for many years as a consultant on international energy and natural gas issues on both sides of the Atlantic and in Japan.