Janeth Warden-Fernandez

+44 (0) 1382 388382
Director of Distance Learning Programme, Lecturer



Janeth Warden-Fernandez is the Director of the Distance Learning Programme at the Graduate School of Natural Resources Law, Policy and Management at the University of Dundee; and also heads the CEPMLP Scholarship Programme for Mining.

Janeth is a qualified lawyer from Colombia, who holds a Diploma in Public Law (Colombia), an LLM in Resources Law and Policy with Distinction (CEPMLP, Dundee); and is at present pursuing studies towards a PhD on the topic of interplay between the industrial mining sector and indigenous communities.  Her academic career spans more than ten years, and includes her role as co-editor of the major study of mining law, 'International and Comparative Mineral Law and Policy'; a work that is widely utilised on academic courses, and regularly cited by international organisations.  In her capacity as head of the CEPMLP/Rio Tinto Partnership Agreements, she regularly liaises with mining companies and civil society groups.  She frequently represents the University of Dundee as a facilitator for inter-institutional collaboration between higher academic institutions, particularly in Latin America.


Transatlantic Negotiation Simulation Exercise (CP52064)

The Transatlantic Negotiation Exercise will be carried out between the Masters students at the CEPMLP and the post-graduate students at the Washington College of Law of the American University, International Legal Studies Programme.

The main aim of this module is to provide a formal forum in which using tried and tested methods of international negotiations, in a detailed form, the participants can gain or improve their negotiating skills.


Her research interests include Mineral Law and Policy; Community, Indigenous Peoples and Human Rights issues related to the development of natural resources and international business.