Honore Le Leuch

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Honorary Lecturer


Honoré Le Leuch has over 40 years professional experience in international oil and gas business and is an acknowledged oil and gas Expert, Adviser and Consultant on legislation, taxation and contracts, institutional and regulatory regimes, economics and negotiation.

Mr Le Leuch mainly advises governments, international institutions, companies and law firms. He has gained considerable experience on contractual, fiscal and economic aspects regarding exploration, production and transportation, and has been involved in a great number of negotiations related to large oil and gas projects. He is a recognized expert on petroleum law and regulation, fiscal regimes, production sharing contracts and any other types of petroleum agreements.

He has advised more than seventy countries, institutions and companies in all parts of the world on drafting petroleum legislation, regulation and model agreements, licensing of oil and gas projects, negotiation and implementation. Of French mother tongue, he speaks fluent English and Spanish.

H. Le Leuch is a Honorary Lecturer at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) of the University of Dundee. He delivers training on petroleum contracts and fiscal regimes, and is a co-author of the recent recognized book on "International Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation Agreements: Legal, Economic, and Policy Aspects" (Second Edition, 2009, Barrows Editions Inc., New York) and “The Handbook of Global Energy Policy” edited by Andreas Goldthau (Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK, 2013).

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