Gokce Mete

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Dr. Gokce Mete has an academic background and extensive practical experience working with academic and international organizations, including the University of Dundee, Energy Charter Secretariat, the World Bank, and other international development agencies. Her Ph.D. examined alternative policy and regulatory measures that the EU could take to create a more investment-friendly environment for the energy sector. 

Dr. Mete is currently the Research Lead of the £3.4 million DfID funded Extractives Hub project at the CEPMLP. Her research focuses on regulation and governance of the extractives industries, including energy technologies, licensing and concessions, economic diversification policies, transparency and accountability and cross-cutting issues such as climate change, environmental management, and sustainable development goals and their implications for the sector.

Dr. Mete published several peer-reviewed papers including book chapters on natural resources law and legal aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energies. She has experience of editorial roles and of writing a submission to Parliament and the Royal Society of Edinburgh with the University of Dundee and on behalf of the Energy Charter Secretariat in various academic and industry events in the EU, the UK, Russia, and China.

At the CEPMLP, Dr. Mete has been giving lectures on international law of natural resources and energy and on mineral related subjects since 2016. Dr. Mete also is involved in designing and delivering Continued Professional Development programmes, particularly the training of energy regulators. 

Dr. Mete is a qualified lawyer with post-qualification experience in the energy sector. In 2015, she held a Research Fellowship at the Energy Charter Secretariat, and have worked with the Expansion and Outreach unit of the Energy Charter Secretariat facilitating the negotiations of the International Energy Charter with potential observer countries.


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Research output: Contribution To Book Anthology

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Research output: Contribution To Journal

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Research output: Contribution To Journal

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