Abba Kolo

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Honorary Lecturer


Teaches On-Campus Modules for:

International Dispute Settlement (CP52020)

The main objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the nature and forms of international disputes and the different mechanisms of addressing such disputes in an amicable manner.

Transnational Investment Law and Policy (CP52023)

The main objectives of this course are to provide a survey of international investment law and policies, and to set the various approaches to regulating foreign investment in a social, economic and political context. In addition the course will provide students with an understanding of current and emerging developments in investment laws and policies.

Teaches Distance Learning Modules for:

International Petroleum Law and Policy (CP50005)

The main objective of this module is to provide an understanding of the main law and policy issues in the international petroleum industry, with an emphasis upon transactional agreements concluded between host government and oil company/investors. 
Common and diverging objectives between the two parties and indeed among the international corporate and financial investors themselves are faced in a candid and practical way, with an emphasis upon ways of accommodating the interests of diverse stakeholders in the development of petroleum resources. 
A brief introduction is provided to petroleum taxation issues. The module focuses upon problem-solving techniques in a variety of settings, noting the inputs of lawyers, economists, accountants, engineers and geologists.