Over the past 40 years, CEPMLP has not only established worldwide reputation in the fields of energy law and energy economics/management, but also developed an international reputation on energy diplomacy and climate politics.  The unique multidisciplinary combination at the CEPMLP has not only enabled us to win the DFID-ESRC project (jointly with Open University), but has also allowed our students to gain comprehensive understanding of energy and climate change related matters from different perspectives.  Undeniably, the ongoing global transition towards a low-carbon future is an uneasy task, and politics and international relations will be ever more relevant to help countries settle potential obstacles and work together to confront challenges facing the world.

Our research interests include Chinese think tanks and China’s foreign policy-making, Sino-Japanese political/energy relations, China’s energy diplomacy, Chinese NOCs and government relationship, and China and Japan’s climate change policy.

Our faculty has published widely in these fields, including a monograph on Chinese Foreign Policy Think Tanks and China’s Policy Toward Japan, The Politics of Oil behind Sino-Japanese Energy Security Strategies, and The Strategic Implications of China’s Energy Needs. This group has also published a number of reputable peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of international relations and political economy, such as International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, East Asia: An International Quarterly, Asia Pacific Business Review, and Asian Journal of Peacebuilding, 



Xuanli Liao