Remote Internships for CEPMLP students

Remote internships for summer 2021 in conjunction with Pagoda Projects are a new and exciting opportunity for CEPMLP MSc students

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We are offering Remote Internships in conjunction with Pagoda Projects for MSc students in Sustainability, Energy Law, and Energy Economics. 

With host companies in destinations including China, Mexico, Vietnam and the UK, there is a lot of variety in the type of internships.

These remote internships are a minimum of 8 weeks or a maximum of 12 weeks in duration, and they will commence over summer 2021.

Alongside your internship, Pagoda organises weekly live events which vary from cultural masterclasses, fitness activities, expert workshops to fireside chats with topics such as employability, marketing, managing across cultures, women in business and more.

Benefits of a Remote Internship

The internships offer valuable work experience and are designed to increase your cultural understanding and employability skills.

In addition to the internship, you will gain access to Pagoda Projects exclusive event calendar. These events will help you to improve your cultural understanding, sector knowledge and increase international employability.

On completing the internship, you will enjoy all the benefits of being a Pagoda Alumni member with dedicated LinkedIn and Facebook groups where they you will be first to see Pagoda Job opportunities.

“Internships are an essential element of a well-rounded, modern postgraduate education. They allow students to apply their learning and improve their employment chances. The internships are arranged with Pagoda Projects in cooperation with international and domestic partners. These internships will be offered remotely to ensure that they are safe and practical under the current circumstances”

Professor Volker Roeben, CEPMLP

Apply for a remote internship

All MSc students at CEPMLP are encouraged to apply for these internships via Pagoda Projects before 1st March 2021.  

You need to select the internships you wish to apply for, and the Pagoda placement team will guide you through the application process. You will be matched with a cultural mentor from a destination outside of your home country.

More details about each part of the programmes, eligibility and the application form can be found on Pagoda Project’s dedicated page.

Find out more and apply via Pagoda Projects

Students from the University's Business school completed Remote Internships in the summer of 2020.  In the video below, they discuss their experiences.