Community Rights and Expectations in Natural Resource Development

Directed by Luke Danielson and Kristi Disney Bruckner

The course will illustrate common challenges and possible solutions in a rapidly evolving area of law and policy.

Course topics include:

  • The escalating demand for community rights and benefits in natural resource development projects over recent decades
  • Emerging frameworks for sustainable development and the interconnectivity of community rights, culture, environmental protection, and economic development
  • Practical tools for socio-economic benefit optimisation
  • International trends and good practice in negotiating and implementing community development agreements
  • Good practice in environmental and social impact assessment and related management plans
  • Understanding and protecting indigenous rights in natural resource development
  • Navigating community rights and responsibilities in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector
  • Use of local-level grievance mechanisms to mitigate and manage conflict
  • Case studies from the field: lessons from leading international experts
  • Simulated role play exercise

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