Community Rights and Expectations in Natural Resource Development
Large natural resource projects, such as mines, oil and gas pipelines, or hydroelectric dams may offer opportunities for economic and social development in the regions where they are located. They may also unleash accelerated processes of change that affect local communities dramatically. Some may gain from these processes of development. Others, including the most poor and vulnerable members of communities, may be hurt by changes that undermine their previous livelihoods, without giving them a role in decision-making and access to beneficial alternatives.
Regulatory Reform for Technology Innovations in the Energy Sector
  • Start: 13 Jun 9:00AM      End: 14 Jun 5:00PM      Add to Calendar
  • Location: University of Dundee
This course is a response to the demands of a changing energy market, which increasingly values energy professionals and lawyers who can supplement their knowledge with an understanding of emerging technologies.
Mining Transactions and Agreements
  • Start: 17 Jun 9:00AM      End: 21 Jun 5:00PM      Add to Calendar
  • Location: CEPMLP Carnegie Building
This 5-day professional training programme will be of interest to various participants in the mining industry, including in-house lawyers, external lawyers, government officials, corporate development officers and private equity investors.