Second Masters Degrees

Students who have already completed, or who are due to complete, a taught postgraduate Masters degree at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy (CEPMLP) or the Centre for Water Law Policy and Science (CWLPS) may gain exemptions for a second taught postgraduate Masters degree at CEPMLP / CWLPS.

Certain combinations of degrees are not available, for example two MBA or two MSc Energy Studies programmes.

Candidates considering applying for a second taught postgraduate Masters degree should seek advice from the Associate Dean Learning & Teaching as early as possible during their first programme of study in order to consider module choices to meet the requirements of both programmes as defined in the relevant Schedules of Modules for the programmes.

Credit Transfer

Credit given for previous study may not exceed 50% of the credit points in the second degree programme and may not be awarded for the Dissertation/Project/Internship/Extended PhD Proposal component of any programme of study.

Credit cannot be given for study undertaken more than six years prior to starting the second degree. Credit can be given only for modules which meet the current requirements of the second degree.

Tuition Fees

A reduced tuition fee for the second degree will be calculated depending on the amount of credit granted for previous study, and on the normal tuition fees for the two degrees.

Duration of Study

The time allowed to complete studies for the second degree will depend upon the amount of credit granted for previous study.

Applying for a Second Masters Degree

Candidates may, while attending CEPMLP / CWLPS, apply for admission to a second Masters degree only when they have completed, or almost completed, all of the requirements for their first degree.

Applications should be submitted using the standard online application procedure via UKPASS.

Applicants for a second Masters degree will be expected to demonstrate:

  • a sound academic profile during their first Masters degree
  • a good reference from their Academic Supervisor or Programme Director.
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