The dynamic optimal production path in upstream oil and gas fields and contractual distortionary effects

Fazel Moridifarimani

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The dynamic optimal production path in upstream oil and gas fields and contractual distortionary effects

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Country: Iran


Fazel finished his first masters in Economics in 2006 in Iran. He worked in the country as an economic analyst with both private and public bodies for more than 5 years, of which 3 years was focused in the oil and gas industry.

Successfully completing the second master degree in economics at the University of Windsor, Ontario in 2011, broadened his horizon for choosing a PhD programme. He was awarded the prestigious CEPMLP full scholarship in 2012 and started his PhD study in the same year.

Upstream oil and gas economics and optimal production path modelling are among his major fields of interest. In addition to his research, Fazel also worked as the teacher assistant to the economic modules in the CEPMLP including Petroleum Policy and Economics and Energy Economics. Currently, he works as the Distance Learning Student Support within the CEPMLP.


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Moridifarimani, F. (2006), Energy Subsidies Elimination in Iran, the Distributional Effects, Input-Output Analysis, M.A. Dissertation, Imam Sadiq University, Tehran, Iran.

Conferences Presentation

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