A well-established, innovative, and rigorous PhD programme

Doctoral research is part and parcel of overall Centre research and training activities, and most PhD research involves different aspects of the natural resources industry (energy, petroleum, and mining) from economic, legal-regulatory, and often multidisciplinary perspectives. Reflecting the major concerns of our times, there is also growing research interest in the law and policy of renewable energy and climate change issues.


  • Applicants should have a taught Masters degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline
  • Candidates should supply a 3-4 page outline of their proposed research topic (general area of interest). For guidance, our Website contains a section on established research themes on which the Centre's academic staff are currently working. It might help to relate your proposal to one of the existing research themes.

Some of our current PhD students

The dynamic optimal production path in upstream oil and gas fields and contractual distortionary effects

Fazel Moridifarimani


My current research is on the perceived split between international human rights and investment law obligations within the investment-arbitration context routing the doctrine proportionality as the tool to diffuse these potential conflicts

Akua Aboabea Aboah

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Current student research topics include:

  • Strategic Alliances in the Energy Sector
  • The Challenge of Mining Infrastructure Development in West Africa: The Quest to Achieving Access and Management through Policy, Law and Regulation for broader Economic Development
  • A Critical Evaluation of the Public Accountability and Transparency Issues In Managing Oil and Gas Revenues for Sustainable Development In A New Oil Producing Developing Country Like Ghana
  • The Economic Impact of Depletion of Earth’s Metallic Mineral Resources With a View to Quantitatively Demonstrate How Technological Advancements Offset the Impact of Resource Depletion and Degradation, Across Metals
  • Economic Regulation and Competition in Network-Bound Energy Markets

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