CEPMLP Mining Programme

MiningThe CEPMLP Mining Programme aims to enhance understanding and practice of law, policy and governance of sustainable minerals resources development.  The interdisciplinary programme aims at providing students with skills to work in the public, private and civil society sectors, and equips them with the knowledge to address the challenges associated with the use of minerals in a sustainable future.

The Programme's research and teaching, guided by a sustainable development framework, covers international, transnational and national issues in mining law, policy and governance, and embraces legal, policy, economic, financial, and management aspects, as well as an understanding of non-binding standards and initiatives, and Corporate Social Responsibility practices.

The Mining Programme further seeks to advance knowledge about mineral law, policy and governance through:

  • taught and research-based postgraduate studies (LLM, MBA and PhD degrees);
  • research and publications;
  • advice and consultancy work, including professional training; and
  • seminars and conferences. 

Various activities of CEPMLP's Mining Programme are supported with funding through a partnership agreement between CEPMLP and Rio Tinto plc.

What sets Mining Education at CEPMLP Apart?

Unique teaching programme focussed on multi-disciplinary approach

MiningUnlike related post-graduate programmes in this field, the core focus of the CEPMLP Mining Programme is on a combination of legal, policy and economic aspects related to the industry, rather than pure technical or legal aspects. The curriculum is further enhanced by close relations with industry and civil society stakeholders, such as Rio Tinto plc; the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM); and UNCTAD. This approach ensures that developments affecting the sector are reflected in the teaching curriculum in a balanced and informed manner, subsequently allowing for the specialised training and exposure of legal, management, and economic professionals who operate within the sector.

Contact point for relationships with international institutions

Continued international, regional and domestic policy and legal developments in relation to the extraction of mineral and metal commodities, places the teaching in this field high on the international agenda. The CEPMLP Mining Programme is accordingly in a favoured position to engage and develop relations with international institutions and stakeholders within this sector. On an academic front, noteworthy relations and cooperation agreements have been established with tertiary institutions, such as the School of Mining at the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa), and the Universidad Externado (Colombia). Government relations, such as with the Australian government, further allows for the teaching and subsequent placing of professionals where the knowledge is most needed, as in the case with lawyers with Australian Land Councils.

Mining Programme educators involved in cutting edge developments

Our practice orientated curriculum ensures that members of the CEPMLP Mining Programme are perceptive to emerging trends in the regulation of the mining sector. This allows academics, as well as students to participate in significant research projects, such as the ground-breaking Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Project (MMSD); the Africa Mining Vision, and European Policy on Natural Resources Project. This extends further to consultancy and revision on legal and policy mining regimes, such as with South Africa and Malawi.


The CEPMLP Mining Programme boasts a significant alumni base, with a relationship with Rio Tinto resulting in over 90 alumni. These alumni are representative of numerous countries, but most noticeably those from developing and emerging economies. The stringent selection procedure involved in identifying scholarship candidates results in academic and professional excellence; with several alumni rising to key positions within the mining sector, where they have assisted in shaping their domestic mining regimes to conform with contemporary international standards.

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