CEPMLP in the Global Top 10 LLM Programs for Energy Law, LLM Guide

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For another consecutive year, the University of Dundee Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy (CEPMLP) is a top school in the LLM Guide to the Global Top 10 LLM Programs for Energy Law. 

Listed in the 2020 Top 10 along with the University of Texas, University of Melbourne and Queen Mary University in London to name a few, is a great recognition for CEPMLP at the University of Dundee.

The LLM Guide is a worldwide respected online ranking which compares global Master of Laws.  It praised CEPMLP for the breadth of courses and noted its four decades of expertise in energy law programmes. CEPMLP has the oldest reputation in offering students an education in these areas, since 1977. Today, education in energy, natural resources and sustainability studies continue to grow in significance.

CEPMLP at the University of Dundee has a reputation for leading research and represents a global voice in energy law and policy issues.

Professor Peter Cameron, Director of CEPMLP, says,

To receive this recognition again, demonstrates how we, at the University of Dundee are providing world-leading energy law programs. We are very proud of our CEPMLP academic and research team and our students.” 

We educate and train our global students to become the next generation of energy leaders.  It’s great to see many of our alumni take up high-profile careers and have critically important roles in their home countries and beyond. From National Oil Companies to Governments and Banks and Law firms the potential for Energy Law students is immense".

Take a look at the top 10 LLM Programs for Energy Law and find out more about CEPMLP. With over 6,000 postgraduate alumni from more than 50 countries, we prepare our graduates for high–profile careers in the public and private sectors.

Our interdisciplinary approach to teaching, research and consultancy gives us a unique perspective on how governments and businesses operate. We offer flexible courses delivered by the best in the field, devised and continually updated in line with the Centre’s unique combination of professional expertise and academic excellence. The CEPMLP experience is supplemented by extra-curricular activities, an extensive global faculty and the opportunity for academic exchange.