Theresia Sumarno: Oil and Gas Project Development teaching in Mozambique

Theresia with students in Mozambique

This month Theresia Betty Sumarno, who completed her PhD in November, was invited back for the second time to the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, Mozambique, to deliver a module on Project Development in the Oil and Gas Industry to students who are currently enrolled on a Master’s Degree in Oil and Gas Economics. Part of the reason that she was invited back was due to the feedback given by her students on the module she delivered in September and October this year on Supply Chain Management in the Oil and Gas Industry. CEPMLP’s Professor Raphael Heffron is also a Visiting Professor at the University in Mozambique

Whilst there she taught for 3 hours every day for two weeks and her class was attended by 59 students. For the second time, she received good feedback from her students who said that they found the module to be very rich and interestingly delivered. At the end of the second week, she gave a group exercise, and students were required to develop a project proposal and do the whole process in the project cycle, such as initiation, planning (gannt chart & critical path method), controlling and monitoring process, and finally the closing). Students then presented their results and demonstrated their understanding of the project management.

Theresia said “It was another great experience that I have had during my PhD here, at the Centre! The Centre and the University have given many opportunities for their students, and I am one student who has been able to take this opportunity and push things forward. For the second time, I delivered teaching and received good feedback from them! They said, the module I delivered is rich and the group exercise was very challenging.”