Oil and Gas Joint Venture Agreements Masterclass

CEPMLP organized a master class on oil and gas joint ventures on 23-24 October, 2019. The facilitators of the master class were Mr. Jon Suller and Mr. Norrie Stanley. Jon has a Geological and Reservoir Engineering background, worked for BP in US and the North Sea before moving to the commercial side of the sector. He has extensive experience in economic evaluation, risk modelling, contract development and negotiations. He also led the commercial development of BP’s ETAP and HPHT Field in the Central North Sea. Norrie was previously Senior Vice President Commercial for BP Exploration & Production and for Gas, Power & Alternative Energy. He was responsible for assurance, commercial excellence and for the development of capability for some 1,200-commercial staff. Previously he was the Business Unit Leader for Russia and Ukraine. He has over 30 years of experience creating, managing and dismantling both unincorporated & incorporated Joint Ventures around the world in E & P, Power, Hydrogen Energy, Gas Marketing, and Transportation.

The two-day class extensively covered purpose and alternative structures of joint ventures (JVs), commercial framework and alignment, decision making & control, financial management, enforcement and exit through both intensive lectures and case studies.

Participants attended both days’ class with 100% attendance rate. Participants think this was an excellent programme and they learned both extensive and in-depth knowledge from experience and being fully practice-oriented class with targeted case studies. They commented:

“The facilitators were also excellent, combining theoretical and practical experiences from the industry in their teachings.”

“The training was very interesting, educative and revealing for me entirely. The training approach of the facilitators using illustration, scenario and practical comparisons and industry experience helped to simplify the very technical aspects of the entire exercise.”

The masterclass workshop has broadened my understanding of the workings of Petroleum Agreements and Contracts. It was expertly delivered.

“The Oil and Gas JV Master class was awesome. As it covers from Upstream to level of making an agreement between contractors. The barriers surrounding JV was demystified by attending the class. I must confess, I learnt how to read an Agreement without been bored based on what we were taught. Many thanks to the Centre for this wonderful opportunity.”