Dr Sun - Reflections on the Dundee Energy Forum

We recently asked Dr Xiangsheng Sun, Secretary-General of the International Energy Forum to reflect on his attendance at our CEPMLP Dundee Energy Forum. 

This is what he told us: 

The Dundee Energy Forum has been a remarkable annual event since 2017, organized by the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, School of Social Sciences, University of Dundee. I have been highly impressed by the event from the beginning, given the limit of size and personnel of the CEPMLP, and would like to applaud DEF3 in particular for the following reasons.

First of all, DEF3 has involved Secretary-Generals from several international energy organizations, such as OPEC, IEF and Energy Charter Secretariat, which was very unusual and inspiring. I have not seen other university institutions matching such an impressive record so far. Very well done to CEPMLP!

Secondly, DEF3 has had specialists from a wide-range of institution of the world, including the EU Commission, Chatham House, IEEJ (Institute of Energy Economics, Japan), major energy companies, think tanks, universities and consultancy firms.     

Third, the viewpoints presented and discussions conducted at DEF 3 are of high academic standard and objectivity, and have also covered both fossil fuels and renewables, highlighting the CEPMLP theme on Energy Transition and the global trend of sustainability.

Fourth, the University of Dundee authority has paid high attention to the event: Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof Andrew Atherton opened the conference by giving a welcome speech, and the Dean of the School of Social Sciences Prof Nicholas Fyfe attended the conference dinner, together with the VIPs and speakers. 

Finally, the CEPMLP alumni has played an important role to make the event a success. Quite a few speakers at the forum were graduates from CEPMLP and delivered high quality talks at the Forum. Their support and participation has not only helped strengthen the quality of the DEF, but will also help promote the reputation of the CEPMLP and the University of Dundee!