CEPMLP Students Contribute to Global Witness’ submission of suggestions

A group of CEPMLP students recently contributed to Stephen Carter's - Global Witness’ submission of suggestions to strengthen Afghan mining law regulations. The suggestions included a stronger ombudsman and greater transparency. 

The team was led by Dr Ana E Bastida who stated "We are delighted to have contributed to Stephen Carter's submission of suggestions to strengthening transparency of Afghan mining law and ASM provisions."

The students who took part in the exercise are LLM and PhD students who are studying Mining Law at CEPMLP

They included Hugo Frias, Fiorella Romero, Luis Landa and Noreen Kidunduhu- and PhD candidate Vincent Topman.

Hugo Frias reflected "It was a very interesting excercise and an opportunity to apply some concepts from our LLM Modules. Nowadays, modern Mining Codes and their regulations require high standards of transparency and accountability in order to achieve the sustainable goals promoted by international organizations, the States and relevant stakeholders of the mining industry. We are glad to have contributed to Afghan mining regulations regarding this international trend."