DOLFIN Directors Provide Training in Uganda

Professor Pieter Bekker, CEPMLP Chair in International Law, and CEPMLP Honorary Lecturer Robert van de Poll, provided multi-disciplinary training to high-ranking officials from the Petroleum Authority of Uganda and the Uganda National Oil Company and from various ministries in Uganda’s capital Kampala on 20-22 August 2018. 

The training was arranged through Mr. Ernest Rubondo, the Executive Director of the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU).   In line with the National Oil and Gas Policy for Uganda of 2008, the PAU is charged with monitoring and regulating the exploration, development and production, together with the refining, transportation and storage of petroleum in Uganda.  Uganda’s oil and gas sector has taken off following recent discoveries in the Albertine basin, and planned investment to support the development of discovered fields totals nearly USD 10 Billion.

Messrs. Bekker and Van de Poll are Directors of the Dundee Ocean and Lake Frontiers Institute and Neutrals (DOLFIN), a multi-disciplinary research and know-how unit within CEPMLP.  For more information on DOLFIN, see this link

A Canadian geo-scientist employed by Fugro NV, Mr. Van de Poll invented CARIS-LOTS, the world’s most sophisticated software for plotting boundaries used by the United Nations and international courts and tribunals charged with adjudicating maritime boundary disputes.

The training focused on the law and science of lake boundary delimitations and the treatment of hydrocarbon deposits straddling an international boundary that is not, or not clearly, delineated.

Several CEPMLP alumni attended the training seminar, which was highly interactive.  The picture features, from left to right, Mr. John Paul Edoku, The Senior Attorney in Uganda’s Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Professor Bekker, Mr. Ali Ssekatawa, Director for Legal and Corporate Affairs, PAU, and Mr. Van de Poll.

“It was most gratifying to re-connect with Ugandan alumni of CEPMLP in their home country, including some of my former students, and to interact with them in their professional roles at the highest levels of government and industry,” said Professor Bekker.  “They make us proud.”

 Any queries may be addressed directly to the DOLFIN Directors, Professor Pieter Bekker and Mr. Robert van de Poll