CEPMLP welcomes the Dundee Student Chapter of the British Institute of Economics

The newly accredited Dundee Student Chapter of the British Institute of Energy Economics had their inaugural meeting on Thursday 8th February 2018 to introduce the Society and its benefits to its members. In attendance was the Patron and Advisor of the Society – Dr Xiaoyi Mu and other members of the CEPMLP Energy Economics Team – Dr Rafael Macatangay and Dr Ariel Bergmann.

During the meeting, CEPMLP academics shared their various experiences on the importance of being a member of a student chapter of a professional body and the numerous opportunities it presents for personal, academic and professional developments.  Dr Mu and Dr Macatangay during their presentations advised the members of the Society to use the platform to organise workshops in order to develop their skills and quantitative tools as energy professionals. Dr Mu also encouraged the members of the Society to attempt the IAEE Best Student Paper Award Competition which he said is one of the means for the members of the society to enhance their research skills.

Dr Ariel Bergmann spoke on the importance of building quality professional networks and advised the members to look for opportunities to attend and actively participate in professional conferences and network with other professionals in the field.

According to the executives of the Society, it is crucial for an energy economics student to be well equipped with use of modelling, optimisation and data analysis software such as GAMS, EVIEWS, R, MATLAB, STATA, etc. Therefore, as part of the objectives of the Society, the executives pledged their commitment to use the platform to organise training workshops on the use of the various modelling software for its members.

Other opportunities for members of the Society include: Roundtable discussion with industry experts, field visits and opportunities to attend IAEE/BIEE conferences and other conferences on energy.

The meeting was successful and the society is looking forward to its first program which is a training workshop on the use of GAMS on the 1st of March, 2018.

The Dundee Student Chapter of the BIEE welcomes members from all disciplines!