Willoughby Prize for Dundee Professor

The 2016 Willoughby Prize has been won by Professor Colin Reid of Dundee Law School.  The Prize is awarded annually by the trustees of the Energy, Petroleum, Mineral and Natural Resources Law and Policy Education Trust to the author of an article of outstanding merit, published in the Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law

Professor Reid’s article, “Brexit and the future of UK environmental law”, explores some of the consequences of the UK leaving the European Union.  It notes the different ways in which EU law has become embedded in UK law and considers how devolution within the UK and the continuing effect of international law obligations will affect the way in which environmental law develops after Brexit.  The EU dimension has also added stability in long-term policies and targets, clear obligations to meet precise standards and above all a means of calling national governments to account, whilst after Brexit the position is likely to be much more fluid.

“I am surprised and delighted to win this prize”, said Professor Reid. “A less welcome surprise is that almost a year after the article was first written we are not much further forward in having a clear picture of what the post-Brexit position is going to be on many of the issues discussed.”

The article can be accessed here