What Trends in Regulating the Mining Sector? - Sharing Insights from Research and Practice

The traditional Dundee Mining Seminar, now in its XVth edition, provides a forum for researchers and practitioners - from the public and private sector, international organisations and civil society - for discussing emerging questions and findings from research, practice and new and ongoing initiatives relevant to the mining sector.

As usual, the seminar starts with a review of the state of the mining industry, and will reflect on the challenges of resource management in the post-super cycle, in the context of an upwards turn of the industry cycle. This session will be followed by a Roundtable Discussion challenging to take a fresh look at the role and impact of State Mining Agreements from a sustainable development perspective. The sessions of the second day will focus on trends on the legal and regulatory frameworks for the sector, including emerging approaches and tools on environmental regulation, waste and land use planning. The seminar will also feature an impressive set of new platforms and tools aimed at reducing information asymmetries and enhancing decision-making processes in the sector.

This year, the seminar kicks off a series of events organised to celebrate CEPMLP’s 40th anniversary. It also celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Mineral Economics journal published by LTU (and its long-standing cooperation with CEPMLP). The seminar directors are delighted to invite speakers and participants to submitarticles for publication at Mineral Economics/Raw Materials Report - upon elaboration of presentations and discussions held at this Seminar.

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