Internationalisation Activities in China

Dr Xuanli (Janet) Liao, Senior Lecturer at CEPMLP travelled to China recently to engage in internationalisation activities on behalf of the University of Dundee. Visiting Beijing, Nanjing, Xiamen and Hangzhou she presented lectures to overseas education agents, visited university campuses and attended education fairs. She also joined University of Dundee Principal Pete Downs and Vice Principal Internationalisation Wendy Alexander, to meet with the China University of Petroleum Beijing (CUPB) team in Beijing and the Beijing Alumni gathering.

During her stay in Beijing, Dr Liao was invited to deliver a talk at the ThinkIN China Forum (linked to Yenching Academy of Peking University) on 'The Sino-Japanese Dispute over the East China Sea: Is it about Energy?'.  Around 40 students from China and other countries attended and Professor HE Yafei former Vice Foreign Minister and Distinguished Professor at the Yenching Academy served as Discussant for the talk.

In November Dr Liao was invited to attend the Singapore-China Energy Forum 2016: Energy and Environmental Strategies in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and Beyond. The event was organised by the Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore where she presented on 'The Silk-Road of Energy and China’s One-Belt-One-Road Strategy'.

Further information regarding the Singapore-China Energy Forum 2016 is available here