Extractives Hub Summer Interns

Extractives Hub Research Fellow, Gokce Mete, recently gave thanks to a group of interns who have been actively engaged on the project over the Summer months. The interns have been a valuable resource on the project and have assisted with everything from carrying out research through to uploading publications on to the Hub itself.


One intern, Jaqueline Terrel Taquiri (pictured second left) said of the experience, "Currently, I am supporting research for the 'Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development' in a project analysing 'Limiting the harmful effects of mining tax incentives' to tackle tax base erosion and profit shifting in the mining sector in developing countries. The experience in The Extractive Resources Hub Project facilitated me to undertake a more in-depth research and to have better quality of deliverables".