Energy Industry Scholarship Winner welcomed to CEPMLP

CEPMLP were delighted to welcome Mohamed Fatih Ali Sheikh to the Centre on Monday to commence his LLM in Mineral Law and Policy.  Mohamed was the winner of a full 'Energy Industry Scholarship' jointly funded by Shell and ExxonMobil in cooperation with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Somalia which attracted more than 150 applications.  Applicants had to be Somali or of Somali origin if living in diaspora.

On successful completion of his studies, Mohamed will return to Somalia to work for the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for a minimum period of two years.

LLM Programme Director, Stephen Dow, said “we are delighted to welcome Mohamed to Dundee, and all the academics are looking forward to teaching and mentoring this outstanding student.  We look forward to the successful completion of his studies and hearing of the contribution he will make when he joins the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in a year’s time.  He arrived during the coldest week of the year, and saw snow for the first time in his life, and we hope that the warmth of his welcome to the University counterbalances that!”