CEPMLP Visiting Speaker Series continues...


On Wednesday  11th October,  CEPLMP was delighted to welcome Dr Carole Nakhle, Chief Executive Officer of Crystol Energy, who gave an engaging seminar titled “Oil Price and Petroleum Fiscal Regime Stability”.


Dr Nakhle, pictured third left, is a world renowned and experienced Energy Economist which stems from both the industry and government. She discussed the issues and links between the price of oil and the fiscal stability of a petroleum fiscal regime. The Seminar then went on to discuss the new oil market realties, the fundamental changes and the strategy of OPEC in relation to attempting to manage the oil price in light to the challenges it faces with the rise of Shale Oil production in the US, which was one of the major causes for the steep decline in the price of oil.


Dr Nakhle further discussed the challenges that States face when attempting to formulate an appropriate Fiscal Regime that would fairly and equitably reflect the benefits for both contracting parties at differing oil prices.


Dr Nakhle, who is also pro-active in her role to promote women in the Energy Industry, founded the not-for-profit organisation ‘Access for Women in Energy’ in 2007, with the aim of enhancing opportunities and enriching dialogue within the industry.