CEPMLP Visiting Speaker Series Commences

The CEPMLP Visiting Speaker Series for the Academic year 2017-18 commenced today with Mike Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Scottish Geographical Society delivering an important presentation titled “Making sense of chaos – the role of legislation and action in climate change in Scotland”.

Mike shared, through his own experience over the last 20 years, the importance of participating in and sustaining climate change initiatives including through cooperation. He pointed out that Scotland’s response to climate change initiative is of a thought leader with examples of emission reduction targets of 42% by 2020, disclosing climate impact of budget, creation of Climate Justice Fund and initiatives to morally motivating citizenry. He believes that academia may help in funding, researching, testing and disseminating information about climate change. He concluded that legislations have indeed empowered the government bodies to take positive actions to reduce climate change.

Mike was hosted by Dr Janet Liao, CEPMLP.

The series will continue on 11th October when we welcome Dr Carole Nakhle, Chief Executive Officer, Crystol Energy.