CEPMLP Visiting Speaker Series, 25th October

The fourth visiting speaker at CEPMLP Vising Speaker Series for Academic Year 2017-18 was Dr. Tue Anh Nguyen (Jenny), Centre for International Development, Harvard University. She delivered a presentation titled “Electricity Liberalization in Largest Developing Countries

Dr. Jenny, on the left, has completed her PhD on the impacts of market liberalization policies on electricity sector of Vietnam. Her research awards include Best Group Work in Complexity from Oxford Mathematical Institute, Best Paper by European Union’s Jean Monnet Network, three consecutive best research poster awards at Imperial College London (2013) and University of Greenwich.

Her presentation focused on the state of liberalization progress in 14 largest developing countries globally. She mentioned that the energy consumptions are positively correlated with GDP in developing countries with less consumption level often being associated with low living standards. She explained to the audience the essential elements of liberalisation - unbundling, wholesale & retail market creation, institution of an independent regulator and privatization. The expected results of the liberalization process includes increase in private investments, an increase in efficiency, a drop-in energy prices and an increase in service quality, among others. Her research, however, discovered that, after more than 20 years of promoting liberalization, the majority of the 14 developing countries have achieved a very little in meeting their stated objectives. The studies concluded that there is NO “one size fits all” solutions for achieving the objective by implementing the elements of liberalization and hence the liberalization process may carefully be designed.

Dr. Jenny was hosted by Dr. Xiaoyi (Shawn) Mu, Reader in Energy Economics, CEPMLP.