CEPMLP Research Collaboration with Externado de Colombia University

Milton Fernando Montoya Pardo, Research Director from the Mining and Energy Law Institute from Externado de Colombia University, was awarded a Newton Found Scholarship, granted by the British Council, in order to develop a post-doctoral research project with CEPMLP, under the supervision of Director Professor Peter Cameron.

His research project "The New Reality of Local Authorities’ Participation in Mining Projects in Colombia: Interpretation of Constitutional Principles, New Opportunities and Participation Mechanisms" provides answers to the complex relationship between the development of mining projects in Colombia and the participation of local or territorial authorities in the industry’s decisions. The solution he proposes constitute true legal responses and the need to balance the execution of mining projects (national interests) with an appropriate participation and connection with territorial authorities.

Milton's research will be published by University Externado de Colombia in the “Collection of Mining and Energy Regulation”, and will also be  presented for publication in the Journal of Energy & Natural Resources Law”. The successful result of this academic initiative, supported by the British Council, is evidence of the fruitful academic cooperation that exists between CEPMLP and the University Externado de Colombia.