LW51145 - Legal Frameworks for Water Resource Management
Code: LW51145
Title: Legal Frameworks for Water Resource Management
Credit rating; level, no. of credits: 20


The primary objective of this course is to provide an overview of the fundamental legal principles that govern national freshwaters from a comparative law perspective. The course begins with an overview of legal entitlement to water and compares national legal regulatory systems. At the end of the module, students are expected to be able to identify the legal issues and possible solutions for addressing national water problems. An understanding of the basic principles of national law is required. This course will consider the principles of national water law and administration. Basic historical and current concepts of national water law will be identified and analysed. Existing systems of water law in various countries (i.e., civil law countries, common law countries, Muslim countries) will be examined and compared. The course will address the issues of ownership and legal entitlement with respect to water resources; legal regimes governing the right to use water; regulation of the beneficial uses of water resources and water quality and pollution control. Finally, such issues as water resources administration and privatisation of the water industry will be examined. The new developments in Scotland will be analysed and compared with water law revision activities in other countries (i.e. Australia, China, Kenya, Namibia and South Africa).

This module is taught by:

The Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science.