CP50035 - Directed Reading by distance learning
Code: CP50035
Title: Directed Reading by distance learning
Credit rating; level, no. of credits: 20


Provide DL students with a range of optional modules related to Energy and Natural Resources Law and Policy, allowing them to tailor their studies to their needs and interests; enable DL students integrate new ideas and skills (acquired outwith but related to the DL programme) into their academic profile; equip DL students with the core competences, knowledge and skills required to work in a professional capacity thereby enhancing competitiveness in the labour and professional markets; enhance the research capability of DL students by giving them the opportunity to independently research on topics relevant to the programme but not being taught; provide DL students opportunity for more inter-disciplinary research into Energy and Natural Resources related subjects; further the aims of the DL programme; namely, to widen participation to students and make it readily available to a wider audience.