You may be wondering what sort of jobs alumni of CEPMLP have gone on to do?

The answer is a wide range of varied roles. It is important to be aware that as with any job it depends upon your level of experience and skills set as to whether the role would be suitable for you, there is no one size fits all.

Past alumni have found employment with a variety of organisations including National Oil Companies, Exploration and Production Companies, Government and Ministries and Commercial Organisations including Banks, Law Firms and Global Consultancies.

Read some success stories below:

Frederico Machado

"CEPMLP provided me a unique experience and understanding about the importance of mining, its laws and policies in an international context"

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Renzo Castagnino

"I will always thank CEPMLP for all the things it gave me and also for the amazing people I met in that year"

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Juan Felipe Neira Castro

"After completing the LLM In Petroleum Law and Policy with CEPMLP, I am now pursuing an MSc in International Oil and Gas Management also with CEPMLP"

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Jeanine Harewood

"The CEPMLP will always be a crucial stepping stone in my academic and professional career and I am proud to be an alumnus!"

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Sally Vinod Khatumal

"I can safely say that CEPMLP is the absolute best school when it comes to extractive industries studies"

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Mohammed Naziru Mohammed

"My career expectation is to be a consultant, advising governments of oil producing countries and international oil companies and other multi-nationals"

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Raquel Santos-Ramos

"I have a Bachelors in Arts and Science with a concentration in Economics, and a Juris Doctor. At the CEPMLP I obtained an LLM in Energy Law and Policy in 2013, and MSc Energy Finance in 2014. Currently I am pursuing a PhD in Economics, focusing on Multi Criteria Decision Analysis Methods for the Energy Industry. "

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Hakeem Tahiru

"I strongly recommend CEPMLP to prospective students across the globe seeking to pursue their career programs in the fields of energy economics, oil and gas law, economics, and management"

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