Executive Director

A picture of Dr Sean Whittaker.


Dr Sean Whittaker. Lecturer in Law, University of Dundee. Completing his doctoral studies in Cork, Ireland, he has written numerous publications on the role of environmental information in promoting transparency and accountability in environmental governance. He is currently conducting ESRC-funded research on the Aarhus Convention and its role in promoting public participation in environmental decision-making procedures, and has been a visiting scholar in the United States of America and China.



A picture of Professor Kevin Dunion.

Professor Kevin Dunion, Honorary Professor, University of Dundee and former Scottish Information Commissioner (2003-2012). He is author of Freedom of Information in Scotland in Practice (Edinburgh University Press, 2012). Currently he is a member of World Bank Access to Information Appeals Board, and Convener of the Standards Commission for Scotland. He has provided extensive international consultancy advice on the implementation and effectiveness of FoI appeals processes, most recently in Brazil, Croatia, Georgia and Tunisia.


 A picture of Professor Colin Reid.

Professor Colin Reid, Professor of Environmental Law, University of Dundee.  He has written on a wide range of topics in public and environmental law, especially biodiversity law.  These two strands of work have combined in studies of environmental governance in the context of devolution, an issue which has acquired enhanced importance as the implications of Brexit emerge. In 2018 he started an ESRC-funded project, Uncovering the Environment, which is examining the actual use made of the public right of access to environmental information, exploring who is seeking information, what sort of information is being sought and how it is being used.


A picture of Professor Alan Page.

Professor Alan Page, Professor of Public Law, University of Dundee. He has published extensively in the fields of public law, EU law and financial services law, and has acted as a specialist advisor to Parliamentary Committees of the Scottish Parliament, House of Commons and House of Lords, as well as to the London Stock Exchange where he was responsible for rewriting the rules of the Exchange; and to the European Union and the United Nations in respect of many of the 'transition' countries of central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.