About Resilience

ResilienceWe take resilience to be about peoples’ reactions to disturbance and approaches to change which can include:

  • Resistance’: holding the line; preparing for anticipated change
  • Bounce-back’: getting back to normal; change is not required
  • Adaptation’: adjusting to a new normal; accepting that change is necessary
  • Transformation’: acknowledging the need for, and pursuing, radical change

Who We Are

Alistair Rieu-Clarke
Alistair Rieu-Clarke

International law

Andrew Allan
Andrew Allan

Water Law

Anna Moss
Anna Moss

Climate adaptation

Chris J Spray

Catchment Ecologist

Deepak Gopinath
Deepak Gopinath

Conceptualising wellbeing

Dr Fraser Milne
Fraser Milne

Hazard Geoscientist

Gair Dunlop
Gair Dunlop

Digital artist

Glenn Page
Glenn Gordon Page

Developmental Evaluator in Residence

Graeme Hutton
Graeme Hutton

Spatial, formal and material grammar of architecture

Husam Alwaer

Place Making, Sustainable Urban Design

Ioan Fazey
Ioan Fazey

Social dimensions of environmental change

Irena Connon
Irena LC Connon

Social Anthropologist & transdisciplinary researcher

Professor John Rowan
John Rowan

Physical Geography

Matthias Klaes

Economic resilience

Michael Cranston
Michael Cranston

Flood Resilience

Pete Ianetta
Pete Iannetta


Roger Wang
Roger (Ruo-Qian) Wang

Coastal Engineer

Sue Dawson
Sue Dawson

Hazard Geoscience

Thilo Kroll
Thilo Kroll

Health, well-being & social participation of people with disabilities

Trudy Cunningham
Trudy L Cunningham

Energy and Environment


Pollinating Wellbeing


This new network seeks to bring people together across academia, policy and practice to develop  effective and impactful research through ‘green engagement’ to enhance environmental quality and social wellbeing. ...

GROW Observatory

grow-logo thumb

The GROW Observatory (GROW) is a massive, European-wide project aiming to involve tens of thousands of ‘citizen scientists’ that will empower growers with knowledge on sustainable practices and make a vital contribution to global environmental monitoring. Together they will solve key challenge for environmental monitoring – the ability to measure soil moisture at high spatial resolution over large geographical areas – whil...

Assessing the effectiveness of Scotland’s public flood warning service

Flooding in Aberfeldy110.jpg

In 2011, the introduction of the Floodline direct warning service in Scotland provided an active dissemination for the first time in Scotland.  This service now supports over 25,000 customers and saw 300,000 individual messages being issued during the flood events of December 2015 and January 2016. Ensuring effective communication of warnings to such a large customer base is very important to SEPA.  This research is being undertaken to ...

Scottish Borders Climate Resilient Communities Project


Climate change poses increasing threats and challenges to communities around the world. But those most affected are often those already most disadvantaged in society. The Scottish Borders Climate Resilient Communities (SBRC) project aims to encourage greater collaboration between the Scottish Borders Council and local flood resilience groups and to enhance resilience of those most disadvantaged by climate change.   ...

Bioengineered plant-integrated cover (BioEPIC)

Develop database for correlating hydromechanical properties of unsaturated vegetated soil with plant functioning traits of ten shrub species native to Scotland and UK Develop innovative thermal imaging technique for obtaining plant transpiration parameters and correlating with soil water regime Develop more scientific-sound screening criteria for maximising mechanical root reinforcement and hydrological plant transpiration for engineering applic...

Innovative use of geothermal pile as heat storage for enhancing embankment performance

Innovative use of geothermal pile for enhancing rainfall-induced embankment stability as well as road surface de-icing Development new thermally-enhanced model concrete for capturing mechanical and thermal properties of model concrete for use in a geotechnical beam centrifuge ...